The FBI Notes That Republicans Wanted So Badly Just Destroyed Their Clinton Email Scandal

House Republicans wanted the FBI’s notes from their interview with former secretary of state about her handling of emails. The Republicans got their wish and in the process destroyed their own scandal.

Here is what the FBI concluded:


Hillary Clinton never deleted any emails. Hillary Clinton never instructed any of her staff to delete emails. The former secretary of state trusted her legal team to comply with requests and record preservation laws. In other words, Hillary Clinton has been telling the truth about her emails.

The accusations made by Republicans that she intentionally deleted emails, tried to hide information, or did not comply with the law are false.

Republicans will ignore this reality, and continue with their efforts to charge Hillary Clinton with perjury, but House GOP efforts are detached from reality.

No matter how much twisting, turning, and reshaping Republicans try to do, they can’t make Hillary Clinton’s emails into a crime.

Republicans got what they wanted when the FBI released their Clinton interview notes, but in the process, they also destroyed the GOP’s Clinton email scandal.