Bill O’Reilly Thinks Trump Will Make Clinton Cry Tonight

Conservative delusions run high in the moments leading up to the first presidential debate of 2016. Bill O’Reilly thinks Donald Trump might make Hillary Clinton cry tonight.

Watch courtesy of Media Matters for America:

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: When did [Hillary Clinton] make her comeback in 2008? When she shed a tear in New Hampshire. I’m not sure it was a fake tear. It could have been very sincere. She needs to show that she can be liked. People could have her in their living room for four years. There’s a way to do it.
KRAUTHAMMER: If she keeps — if she doesn’t shout and she doesn’t get angry, I think she’s got a good chance of doing something like that.
O’REILLY: Alright, but Trump may make her cry. I mean, that could happen. Anything could happen.

Hillary Clinton is an experienced debater, unlike Trump. Moreover, bullies can’t intimidate or frighten those who are unafraid of them. If anybody is going to lose their temper tonight, it will be Trump, as he comes up against a wall of facts.

Trump isn’t going up against a bunch of frightened Republicans tonight. He is going up against Hillary Clinton.