Barrage Of Swing State Polls Make Trump’s Bad Day Even Better For Hillary Clinton

As Donald Trump drowns in an endlessly bad news cycle, a new batch of swing state polls just made Hillary Clinton’s good day even better.

Quinnipiac University’s polling has been very generous to Donald Trump during the campaign, but new polls of Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania show Hillary Clinton leading in three of the four swing states:

FLORIDA: Clinton 46 – Trump 41, Johnson 5

NORTH CAROLINA: Clinton 46 – Trump 43, Johnson 7

OHIO: Trump 47 – Clinton 42, Johnson 6

PENNSYLVANIA: Clinton 45 – Trump 41, Johnson 5

Trump has taken what was a tied race in Florida (43%-43%) and converted it into a five point Clinton lead. Hillary Clinton has maintained her lead in Pennsylvania. Trump’s Florida problem can be boiled down to the fact that he is leading Clinton by 11 points with men, but is getting blown out by 20 points with women. In North Carolina, Trump leads men by nine points (49%-40%), but Hillary Clinton leads with women 51%-38%.

In Ohio, Trump is winning because his lead with men (58%-31%) is bigger than Clinton’s lead with women (51%-39%). The bad news for Trump is that despite campaigning extensively in Pennsylvania, he is not making up any ground on Hillary Clinton. The Democratic candidate’s sixteen point lead with women 51%-35% than Trump’s ten point lead with men 47%-37%.

Also today, a Monmouth University poll of Colorado showed Hillary Clinton’s double-digit lead holding steading in Colorado. Clinton leads Trump 49-38%. A sign that the state is completely out of reach for Republicans is that Hillary Clinton is just one point short of securing a majority of support.

The bad news continues to roll in on Donald Trump, who needs to win all of the swing states but is losing them all but one. Voters appear to be paying attention to the presidential election and the polling data is consistently showing that as voters get serious, support is growing for Hillary Clinton.