White Voters Flee Trump As Biden Leads By 11 In Pennsylvania

A new Quinnipiac University Poll of Pennsylvania shows former vice president Joe Biden leading Trump 53%-42% in a state that the president must win.

According to the Quinnipiac Poll:

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White Women Rise Up And Power Hillary Clinton To A Commanding Lead In Pennsylvania

Two new polls of Pennsylvania released today reveal that the Democratic candidate is leading by 9-10 points, but most telling is that Clinton is being powered by white women who are rejecting Trump's candidacy.

Clinton Leads Grow In NC and Pennsylvania As Swing States Swing Away From Trump

Two new polls suggest that two must-win states for Donald Trump (North Carolina and Pennsylvania) may be slipping away from the Republican nominee.

Barrage Of Swing State Polls Make Trump’s Bad Day Even Better For Hillary Clinton

As Donald Trump drowns in an endlessly bad news cycle, a new batch of swing state polls just made Hillary Clinton's good day even better.

Latest Pennsylvania Poll Shows Clinton Crushing Trump – And His Hopes Of Winning

Clinton Trump poll

Republicans can celebrate a handful of recent polls showing a closer race, but the numbers out of Pennsylvania show that the blue wall is still alive and well for Democrats.

Hillary Clinton Is Crushing Trump In Pennsylvania As GOP Fantasy Gets Blown To Bits

The Republican fantasy that Donald Trump could turn Pennsylvania blue was punched in the gut by a new poll that showed Hillary Clinton leading by nine points in the Keystone State.

Here’s Why Quinnipiac’s Polls Showing Trump Leading Clinton Are Totally Wrong

The media has hopped all over three new Quinnipiac University polls showing Trump leading Clinton in Pennsylvania and Florida, but the problem is that Quinnipiac is rigging their polls for the best possible Trump outcome.

Explosive New Polls Show GOP Poised To Lose Senate Seats If They Block Obama SCOTUS Nominee

Polls Obstruction of Obama SCOTUS Nominee could cost Republicans the Senate

Two new polls of Ohio and Pennsylvania revealed that voters are outraged over the Republican plan to block President Obama's Supreme Court nominee. The anger is so strong that it could cost the GOP incumbent Senate seats in both states.

Romney Runs Virtually Unopposed and Watches Obama’s Lead Grow

Mitt Romney ran virtually unopposed in Pennsylvania, and saw President Obama's lead grow to eight points. Demonstrating again that the more voters see of Romney, the less they like him.