Stocks Soar By More Than 200 Points After FBI Decision Improves Clinton’s Odds Of Victory

Following the (unsurprising) news that the FBI again found no wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton when it comes to her email use as Secretary of State, Dow futures opened by over 200 points.

Tweet via CNBC:

The news shows just how invested, no pun intended, the financial system is in this election – probably more than they have been in a long time.

Not only do the markets see Donald Trump as a serious threat if he becomes president, but in moments of the campaign when his polling has improved, the markets went into a freefall.

This is no accident either. Independent analyses have repeatedly shown that Trump’s economic plans would result in a significant economic downturn if they were implemented.

According to Moody’s, Trump’s agenda would lead to a damaging recession that would drive the unemployment rate to 7 percent and put more than 3 million Americans out of work.

With two days until Election Day, a consistent Clinton lead in the polls coupled with strong early voting data and the FBI’s latest letter are putting the markets at ease again.