The Roof Falls In On Trump As Clinton Campaign Urges Electors Get Briefed On Russian Hack


Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman is calling for all information related to the Russian hacks and interference in the US presidential election to be made public by the Obama administration.

John Podesta, who served as chairman of the Clinton campaign, said in a statement:



The Clinton folks are supporting a letter from ten Electoral College electors asking the Director of National Intelligence to brief the electors before they vote on December 19. President-elect Trump and his team have had a terrible last few days. The problems began with a Washington Post story that reported on a secret CIA assessment that found that Russia interfered in the presidential election to help Trump. The Trump transition team responded to the report by accusing the CIA of lying. The next day, the president-elect himself tried to sweep the evidence of Russian election interference under the rug during an interview on Fox News Sunday. Trump’s comments resulted in a bipartisan group of Senators calling for an investigation. The Electoral College electors demanded a briefing, the Senate Majority Leader came out in support of the bipartisan hearing, and the White House is pointing out to the world that Trump is covering for the Russians because they helped him win.

It would be difficult for things to get worse for Trump, but they did when Podesta called for the Obama administration to help both the Congressional investigation and the Electoral College electors by publicly releasing all the information on Russia’s activities.

Podesta must believe that enough intel has been collected to potentially sway the three dozen plus electors away from Trump that would be needed to deny him the White House. The Obama administration has a duty to the American people to make all of the information available before Trump can take office.

The protection of American democracy is a sacred duty that President Obama has performed admirably for the past eight years. He has one more obligation to fulfill to the American people, and that is to help the facts come to light about the role Russia played in the 2016 presidential election.