Republicans Stunned As 67% Of Americans Oppose Obamacare Repeal In New Poll

A new McClatchy-Marist Poll has found that 67% of Americans are opposed to a full repeal of Obamacare as is being pushed by Republicans in Congress and President Trump.

According to the McClatchy-Marist Poll, “67% of Americans do not think Congress should completely repeal the Affordable Care Act….While 21% of U.S. residents want Congress to let Obamacare stand in its current form, 39% think the law should be changed so that it can do more. Only 7% want the law changed so that it does less. 29% believe Obamacare should be repealed completely. Four percent are unsure….76% of Americans want the component which allows children to remain on their parents’ health insurance policy until the age of 26 to remain a law. 72% would like the government to keep in place the provision which provides federal subsidies to lower income people to pay for health insurance, 69% also support prohibiting insurance companies from denying health coverage because of pre-existing conditions. However, half of Americans, 50%, do not think residents should be legally required to buy health insurance and say that this component should be repealed.”

The American people are making it clear what they want. They don’t want Obamacare fully repealed. They don’t want a Republican replacement. The American people want the ACA to do more, not less. People want the exact opposite of what Republicans are offering.

The Republican plans all get rid of subsidies, remove patient protections, allow the insurance companies to charge older and sicker people more, and still require people to buy health insurance.

At a time when Republicans are offering health care alternatives that will provide less while costing more, the American people want the Affordable Care Act expanded and subsidies to remain in place.

President Trump and the Republican Party have set themselves up for disaster. If they cut Obamacare in any way, they are going to face a popular rebellion at the ballot box in 2018 and 2020.

Republicans have been telling themselves for years that Obamacare was unpopular. On Monday, President Trump claimed that Obamacare was only getting popular because people know that it is going away soon, “People hate it, but now they see that the end is coming, and they’re saying, ‘Oh, maybe we love it,’ There’s nothing to love. It’s a disaster, folks.”

That is not what is happening. People are realizing that Republicans are going to take their health care away, and they like having health care. The American people don’t want Donald Trump messing with their health care, and they are standing up and saying no to a plan that will harm millions of people.