Paul Ryan Mocked Across America For Laughably Bad Health Care PowerPoint Presentation

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s PowerPoint presentation on his Obamacare replacement and how a bill gets passed using reconciliation seemed more designed to educate President Trump and Congressional Republicans than the country at large, which is why Ryan is being mocked across the country for his presentation.

Ryan’s presentation:

The reactions:

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) joined in:

And more:

As Jonathan Cohn of The Huffington Post pointed out, Speaker Ryan seems to lack any idea of how health insurance works:

Paul Ryan seems to think that healthcare should only be for healthy people. Ryan intends to stick sick people into high-risk pools that will have benefits capped so that the people who need health insurance the most will have the least amount of coverage.

As far as the presentation itself, it ripped the mask of Ryan’s intellectual persona and revealed an ideologue who is devoted to public policy based on his ideological fantasies.

Journalists are speculating that the intended audience for Ryan’s PowerPoint wasn’t the American people, it was President Trump.

Ryan tried to be the hip professor educating America. Instead, he came off as the used car salesman trying to take your health insurance away.

If Paul Ryan had any presidential dreams left in his head, they died at the hands of a brutally unwatchable PowerPoint presentation March 9, 2017.