Elizabeth Warren Has Republicans Terrified That She Is Going To Run For President In 2020

Republicans are so worried about Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) running for president that they are already trying to crush her potential 2020 bid.

GOP PAC America Rising is going to be tracking Sen. Warren’s book tour, and building an opposition file:

America Rising is using the same playbook that they use against Hillary Clinton. The group is trying to build a file against her because they view Warren as the leader of the Democratic Party and they are looking to help Republicans win her Senate seat in 2018.

Republicans may think that they have a chance of winning Warren’s seat, they don’t, but the real purpose of this exercise is to start preparing for a run for president by Sen. Warren in 2020.

The conventional wisdom is that the 2020 Democratic nominee is likely to come from the Senate. The names being floated for 2020 include but aren’t limited to, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and Kristen Gillibrand.

Out of the potential ist of candidates, Republicans see Warren as an immediate threat to Donald Trump. It is easy to imagine a scenario where the popular Warren and her fiery populist platform sweep through the Democratic primaries. The question with Sen. Warren has always been whether or not she wants to run, but a matchup with President Trump could give Republicans serious fits in 2020.

Warren has shown an uncanny ability to send Trump into a tizzy. Trump himself has publicly stated that he wants to run against Warren.

Beyond Trump’s bluster, Republicans are afraid of Warren. She is the kind of candidate that could cut through the president’s fake every man campaigning and mobilize an angry backlash that could vote him out of office.

Republicans are worried about Warren because she has the skills to send Donald back to Trump Tower. The great unknown is, does she want to run?