GOP Senator Slams Trump’s Twitter Tantrums, Says His Presidency Has Been ‘Disappointing’

Breaking from the majority of his party who continue to ignore Donald Trump’s reckless behavior, Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey on Wednesday slammed the president’s Twitter attacks on the media and urged him to focus on the issues.

“I just don’t for the life of me understand why the president wants to engage in that kind of activity. It’s a distraction. It distracts from the president’s agenda,” Toomey said in a townhall with ABC27 News, according to The Hill.

“It distracts from what we’re trying to do in the Senate,” he added. “It’s not helpful.”

Toomey event went as far as saying that he isn’t too satisfied with Trump’s performance as president, saying it’s been somewhat “disappointing.”

“My assessment is that it’s mixed,” he said. “I think there have been developments that have been disappointing.”

Though the senator is correct on both points, particularly that Trump’s childish outbursts are distracting and unhelpful, he seems to be under the impression that things would be better for his party if the country could just focus on the GOP’s Senate agenda.

That’s a claim that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

At this very moment, his party is advancing a piece of legislation in the Senate that would take health insurance away from more than 20 million Americans and slash Medicaid – a program that more than 70 million people rely on – by $800 billion.

Not only would millions be left without insurance coverage, but thousands of people would die if the legislation he supports gets signed into law by this president.

If there is an upside for Toomey, it’s that Trump’s constant social media outbursts are distracting the country from the disastrous piece of legislation he’s trying to push through the upper chamber of Congress.

Toomey can accurately make the claim that Trump’s unhinged attacks on his critics are doing harm to America’s political dialogue, but he should be careful what he wishes for.

If by some miracle the president were to kick his social media habit and focus on his agenda, that would just put more attention on the disastrous and deadly health care legislation Toomey and his colleagues are trying to enact.

Pick your poison, Senator.