Bipartisan Group Of Governors Tear ‘Skinny’ Repeal To Shreds In Letter To The Senate

A bipartisan group of governors joined together on Wednesday to denounce the “skinny” repeal plan currently being considered in the U.S. Senate.

In a letter to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, the group of governors lambasted the Republican legislation, saying it would hurt “millions of hardworking Americans.”


The group of governors wrote that the “skinny” repeal would “accelerate health plans leaving the individual market, increase premiums, and result in fewer Americans having access to coverage.”

“Instead, we ask senators to work with governors on solutions to problems we can all agree on: fixing our unstable insurance markets,” the letter continued.

The governors added: “Improvements should be based on a set of guiding principles, which include controlling costs and stabilizing the market, that will positively impact the coverage and care of millions of Americans, including many who are dealing with mental illness, chronic health problems, and drug addiction.”

Among the governors who signed the letter, five were Republicans: John Kasich (OH), Phil Scott (VT), Larry Hogan (MD), Charles Baker (MA) and Brian Sandoval (NV.

The bipartisan plea comes just hours after the Congressional Budget Office scored the “skinny” repeal legislation, which validate all of these concerns.

Outside of the White House and the halls of Congress, it’s clear that people of all political persuasions recognize how devastating this repeal plan would be to millions of Americans.

This is no longer an issue of left versus right – it’s about right versus wrong.