Republicans Are Refusing To Give Healthcare To Kids Until Billionaires Get Tax Cuts

Republicans are refusing to renew the CHIP program that provides health insurance to 9 million children until millionaires and billionaires are given a massive tax cut.

Here is Nancy Pelosi describing the how Republicans are holding 9 million kids hostage on ABC’s This Week:

Transcript via This Week:

STEPHANOPOULOS: But those payments are going to stop next week now that the president is taking this action, so what do you do? How do you get them back? Will you demand those payments to keep the government open in December, for example?

PELOSI: Well, we’re not about closing down government. The Republicans have the majority. They have the signature of the president. It’s up to them to keep government open. We don’t go down that path.

But I will say this, that the Republicans in congress have to be responsible. Right now we’re fighting them to get children’s health insurance, the CHIP program, reauthorized and funded to go forward. They’re holding that up, all of this to give a tax cut to the wealthiest people in our country, a war on the middle class. It is very, very sad.

This is straight out of a Dickens novel. Until the richest people get their tax cuts, millions of kids are going to go without healthcare. Now that Republicans have the majority in Congress and the White House, no American is safe from becoming a political hostage. The GOP refuses to learn lesson number one of effective governance. Negotiate across the aisle. Republicans continue to play this game where they expect Democrats to cave if they try to harm enough people, but Republicans control the entire federal government, which means that they will take the blame for any harm that is done.

Democrats won’t be bullied, intimidated, or threatened which is why Republicans have nothing but failure to show for their first year of leadership.