Trump Admits That He Is Holding Dreamers Hostage Until Democrats Pay For His Wall

Trump admitted that he is using Dreamers as hostages as part of a scheme to get Democrats to pay for his wall.

Trump tweeted:

The President is shooting himself in the foot with some of the worst political strategy imaginable.

As Public Policy Policy pointed out in their reply to the President:

The smart thing for any president to do in this situation would be to push for a fix to keep the Dreamers in the country. It would boost the approval rating of the reeling president and his party before a critical midterm election. However, Donald Trump has the worst instincts of any president in US history, so he is going to pretend like DACA is an episode of The Apprentice, and he is going to use “leverage” to get the Democrats to do what he wants.

What the President is missing is that it is the Democrats who have the leverage. They are on the side of the popular policy and are poised to retake all or part of Congress.

Trump promised that Mexico would pay for the wall, and Democrats are holding him to that promise. Republicans and Trump will pa

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