After Accusing Democrats Of Treason, Trump Calls Devin Nunes An American Hero


According to Donald Trump, anyone who doesn’t clap for him is committing treason, and those who help him cover-up the Russia scandal, like Devin Nunes, are American heroes.

Here is Trump calling Democrats treasonous:


On the other hand, here is what Trump tweeted about Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA):

Nunes has made up conspiracies, and mishandled classified intelligence, but since he is assisting Trump in the Russia cover-up that is all that is required for him to be a great American. Devin Nunes is a stooge, who will probably find his own ties to Trump and Russia under investigation at some point. Trump, who sold himself out to Russia decades ago, and has no loyalty to anyone or anything wouldn’t know a great American if one came up behind him and kicked him in the backside.

Republicans think that this sort of talk drives Democrats crazy, but it doesn’t. Trump’s reshaping of patriotism to mean worship of the president is the exact danger that the Founding Fathers warned of. The United States isn’t governed by a king, emperor, or dictator. Trump is actively undermining and weakening the separation of powers. Devin Nunes isn’t an American hero. He is a borderline criminal who is aiding in the destruction of the greatest example of democracy that the world has ever known.

After the American system of governance throws them each out of office, Nunes and Trump can comfort each other with delusions of heroism, because the system is stronger than one president and his congressional enablers.