People Are Fleeing Trump So Fast That He Can’t Plan To Replace Them

Trump has no plan and no candidates in place to replace former top economic adviser Gary Cohn because people are leaving so quickly that he can’t get replacements together.

Jonathan Swan of Axios tweeted:

In part, the inability to plan is a feature of a White House that doesn’t plan anything, but Trump is losing top people faster than he can replace them. There is no replacement for Hope Hicks even though she resigned last week. The White House did manage to replace Rob Porter, but that was only because the national media attention on his scandal had lasted for more than a week.

Trump claimed that staff are leaving because he seeks perfection, which is a lie. Staff are leaving because of the Russia scandal, and the fact that Trump has turned the White House into a dumpster fire.

If the White House knew Cohn was going to leave, why didn’t they have a replacement ready?

The answer is that this White House can’t think ahead and that they can’t recruit people for jobs because no one wants to work for Trump. Staffers are heading for the door because Trump is a terrible president who is likely going down for the Russia scandal.

People are running out of the White House like the building is on fire, and tells you all you need to know about the prospects of Donald J. Trump.