Ivanka Trump Got A China Bribe The Same Day That Trump Dropped Sanctions

It is not a coincidence that President Trump got a $500 million kickback from China, and his daughter got trademarks approved the same day that Trump dropped sanctions.

As Trump was ramping up tariffs on US allies, he dropped sanctions on China.

As The New York Times reported on June 7, “President Trump handed the Chinese telecommunications firm ZTE a lifeline on Thursday, agreeing to lift tough American sanctions over the objections of Republican lawmakers, his defense advisers and some of his own economic officials.”

On the same day, Ivanka Trump was granted three trademark approvals, which you can read below:


Previously, the Chinese government had given Trump Organization $500 million for a project in Indonesia. Since President Trump and his White House adviser daughter never divested themselves from the Trump Organization, China gave $500 million to the president and his child. In exchange, they wanted the sanctions on ZTE lifted, but the Senate reimposed the sanctions in a vote on June 18.

The Trump family is clearly breaking the law by running a pay to play White House

The discussion and lawsuits relating to Trump violating the Emoluments Clause are well deserved, but it goes beyond the president. The entire Trump family has turned the White House into a corrupt for-profit scam. For the right investment in the Trump family business, any country in the world can buy US policy. The Trump family is doing grave damage to the presidency and the institutions of the United States government. Ivanka is the apple that didn’t fall far from the Trump tree. When the New York Attorney General recently painted the picture of the Trump’s as a crime family, she was spot on accurate.

The problem isn’t just Donald Trump. It is the culture of corruption that he and his family have infested the Executive Branch of the United States government with, and it may take years or decades to clean up and repair the damage that the Trumps are doing.