Mueller Drops A Bombshell: Russians Tried To Hack Clinton After Trump Publicly Asked

MSNBC’s Katy Tur pointed out that the new Mueller indictment of 12 Russian military officials contains the nugget that after Trump publicly asked Russia to get Clinton’s emails, the Russians tried to hack individuals in the Clinton campaign the same day.


Tur said, “The special counsel is asking witnesses pointed questions about what Donald Trump knew about the e-mails and when he knew it. They’re looking at that date of July 27th, date, they’re going back to it and say why did Donald Trump say that then? It is a weird thing for a political candidate to say especially at that moment. Did he know about them and was he trying to or was he in any way involved in their strategic release, Roger Stone, is getting tied up as well. We should note that Stone has denied this. and obviously, the president has denied all of this. That July 27 date continues to come back up. Why is it so important again today is that in this indictment, it says on that very day, Donald Trump was saying that for the very first time the conspirators attempted offer hours to spear phish for the first time emails from a third party provider, and a Clinton office personal email, as well as the Clinton campaign. For the first time, they started not looking into the D.N.C. But the Clinton campaign.”

Trump says go get Hillary’s emails, and the Russians try to get Clinton’s emails

It all happened right in front of our eyes. Trump told Russia to get Hillary Clinton’s missing emails. The Russians followed up, that same day, by trying to get Hillary Clinton’s emails. Is that proof that Trump and Russia were working together? Maybe. It all depends on the other shoe to drop, and that is whether or not Trump already knew about the DNC email hack. The emails had to be organized and formatted for release by an American. They were too knowledgeable about American politics and American news cycles not to have been, but the question is did Trump know what was going on?

IF he did and was sending instructions to Russia, the president committed at minimum an impeachable offense.

The dots are being connected and the picture being painted is that of a close relationship between Donald Trump and Russia. It is up to Mueller to find out if their relationship yielded prosecutable fruits.

Trump’s cries of no collusion are turning into evidence of a full-blown conspiracy.

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