Mueller Shoots Down Trump Request To Answer Questions Only In Writing

Robert Mueller responded to Trump’s interview conditions, and he is not going to agree to let the president only answer questions in writing.

Fox News reported:
Special Counsel Robert Mueller has finally responded to a letter from President Trump’s outside attorneys about what the scope and format of a potential interview would be, sources familiar with the investigation told Fox News on Wednesday. The president’s legal team has been trying to narrow the scope of the questions. Mueller has agreed to have some questions answered in writing – and some he wants answered orally.

The final details have not been nailed down yet. A source told Fox News, “There is a long way to go.”

Fox News buried the real story, which is that Mueller is not agreeing to allow Trump to only answer questions in writing. There are definitely some areas where Trump could submit written answers, and if those answers conflict with the evidence that investigators have gathered, Trump would still be in deep trouble. Mueller is not going to allow Trump to submit written answers about obstruction of justice.

Trump’s lawyers don’t want him to do an interview for obvious reasons. The president is a pathological liar who is incapable of telling the same story the same way twice. If Mueller gets to speak to Trump, the president will either perjure or incriminate himself.

The odds of a Trump/Mueller interview happening are slim to none.

Trump is dodging Mueller like the plague and knee deep into an effort to delegitimize the investigation through tweets.

Robert Mueller doesn’t need to talk to Trump, and the president’s efforts to stall for time aren’t going to make the investigation go away.

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