Kavanaugh Leads To Record Fundraising For Democrats

The Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings, along with the testimony from his sexual assault accuser Dr. Christine Ford, have generated a windfall of cash for Democratic candidates.

ActBlue, an online clearinghouse for Democratic donors, reported that they raised $10 million from small donors on Friday, their highest daily total ever since the site was founded.

Small-dollar donors made their voices heard today more than ever. They’ve raised over $10 million today alone — more than any other day in ActBlue history — to fight back and help get Republicans out of office.”

“Voters have been rightfully glued to this hearing, and women and millennials in particular will be further enraged and motivated by the state of the Republican Party in the final stretch of the midterms,” said Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spokesperson Meredith Kelly.

The women of this country identify with Dr. Ford and will not forget what is happening here,” said Neera Tanden, the president of the Center for American Progress. “They are not angry, they are furious, and I expect the largest women’s turnout in a midterm — ever.”

“The fallout out of this, regardless of whether he’s confirmed, will last for a decade,” said Jess McIntosh, executive editor of Shareblue Media. “It’s the worst possible thing that can happen for women. It looks like putting your high school rapist in charge of abortion.”

Amanda Litman, co-founder of Run for Something, which recruits Democratic candidates for state office, said she has seen a huge  increase in the number of people offering to volunteer in races. She tweeted:

The GOP simply doesn’t understand what outrage they’ve unleashed.”

“It’s breaking through in a way I don’t think other things have, because it feels personal to us, especially younger woman, a group Democrats have had problems with,” Litman said. “We’ve built the infrastructure to absorb that rage and do something meaningful with it.”

And just this morning POLITICO published an article about the record amount of money being raised for Democrats from small donors this election cycle.

According to POLITICO:

“Hundreds of thousands of online donors are pouring gobs of cash into Democratic House campaigns at an accelerating clip — a bulwark against a late-summer advertising assault that Republicans hope could save their majority.”

“Republicans have long seen their outside-money advantage as a key factor in the battle for the House. But the gush of online money to Democratic candidates has allowed them to hit the airwaves themselves earlier than ever, blunting the GOP’s game plan.”

“That sustained cash flow has extended Democrats’ already formidable edge in the fight for control of the House. Democratic House candidates raised nearly $36 million online in August, according to a POLITICO analysis.”

“The analysis was done based on Federal Election Commission data from ActBlue. That’s up nearly six-fold from House Democrats’ online total of $6.2 million in August 2016, during the last election.”

The outrages of Donald Trump, and the outrages of Brett Kavanaugh, have lit a spark under the American electorate. Tens of millions of dormant voters have gotten fired up and energized to a degree never seen before. People don’t give money unless their hearts are really in it, and unless they are highly motivated to make a difference.

This year may be ‘the year of the woman’ in politics. It may be a Blue Wave or even a Blue Tsunami election. But one thing is certain: this is the year of the angry voter in America. And every one of them is demanding to be heard.