Chaos In The White House As Trump Own Top Economic Adviser Shoots Down His Fed Attack

Trump’s top economic adviser Larry Kudlow said that the Fed is not out of control as he disagreed with Trump’s effort to blame them for his latest failure.

Kudlow tried to explain away the crazy with the standard, he’s expressing his opinion defense, then stuck with the false claim that Trump is a successful businessman and investor. Finally, after being pressed on if he believes that the Fed is out of control, Kudlow said, “I don’t personally, but the president respects the independence of the Fed. He said as much during these comments. He’s not telling them or mandating them to change their policy. He’s just raising a very important issue, which, by the way, everyone else in the world is raising.”

Presidential opinions influence policy

The argument that Trump can have an opinion as president is BS. Trump is not a private citizen. He is the person who is running the executive branch of the federal government. When Trump attacks the Fed or anyone else, he is not expressing an opinion. He is using his position to influence policy.

No president likes it when interest rates go up, but Trump is trying to meddle with the Fed.

The governing style of chaos and mixed messages coming out of this administration harms everything that it touches. The economy is showing signs of overheating. Prices are going up faster than wages. On the current Trump trajectory, a recession is coming. Trump is wrong about the Fed, and his top economic advisor shot him down.

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