Obama Triggers A Meltdown As Trump Mentions Crowd Size 3 Times In 46 Seconds

The big crowds coming out for Barack Obama are in Trump’s head, as the mentally teetering president mentioned crowd size three times in less than a minute while talking to reporters.

Trump said, “I’m now leaving for Georgia. I’ll be doing a rally. We have a tremendous number of people as you probably know standing outside trying to get in. It’s for Brian Kemp. We’re then going to Tennessee where we have a tremendous crowd. We’re having a lot of crowds. I don’t know what that means, but I guess we always have a lot of crowds. In Tennessee, it’s Marsha Blackburn. She’s doing well. She’s a great candidate. She’ll be a great senator from Tennessee. That will be the second stop. We’ll have a busy day. Tremendous crowds.”


Obama has been blowing Trump out of the water on crowd size, and it bothered the White House so much that over the weekend they released a statement claiming that Trump’s crowd size on Friday was exactly the same as Obama’s. Trump’s always obsessed with crowd sizes. Trump will claim that he has big crowds when he doesn’t, even as people are walking out while he is still talking.

After his Sunday morning claim that he has record-high approval rating with African-Americans, Donald Trump is showing signs of being back on his trajectory of rejecting reality when things are not going well.

One of the reasons why Republicans are struggling is that Trump treats Republican candidates like an afterthought. These rallies aren’t for the candidates. The rallies are for Trump’s ego, and it is clear that the return of the popular Obama has punctured Trump’s ego bubble, which is why he felt the need to obsessively mention the size of the crowd at rallies that he hasn’t arrived at yet.

As the hours pass, there are growing signs that Trump is cracking under the pressure of Democrats retaking all or part of Congress.

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