Donald Trump’s Space Force Is Not Going To Happen

Trump was all about the space force until he got worried that Congress would reject the idea, and he dropped it.

Defense One reported:
For months, Pentagon officials have been rushing to prepare plans for an independent Space Force, a sixth branch of the military ordered up by President Trump. But since Oct. 26, they have been marching to new White House orders: go back and look at different ways to reorganize the military’s space operations.


Why the second thoughts? The officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, suggested that some in the Trump administration fear that the proposed independent Space Force might not make it through Congress. A former senior defense official said Pentagon officials would be more comfortable with a space corps within the Air Force, but feel Trump’s comments that he wants a “separate but equal” space force have given them little wiggle room.

The White House is likely to slap the name space force on to anything that it comes up with, but the reality that Congress isn’t going to create a new branch of the military because Donald Trump wants to place spaceman. The space force idea was widely mocked from the moment that Trump started toying with it.

In a presidency that has been worthy of daily mockery, the space force idea stands out as a ploy that was even dumber than most of the nonsense that this administration comes up with.

The space force is dead, which is why Trump suddenly stopped talking about it. The grown-ups in Congress said no to Trump‘s new toy, which is why the president moved on to other matters like tear gassing migrants who are seeking asylum.

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