No Collusion Crumbles As Russians Interacted With 14 People In Trump’s Orbit

The Russians were not only involved in the Trump campaign. They were all through Trump’s life, and interacting with his friends an family.

The Washington Post reported:
Again and again and again, over the course of Donald Trump’s 18-month campaign for the presidency, Russian citizens made contact with his closest family and friends, as well as figures on the periphery of his orbit.

Some offered to help his campaign and his real estate business. Some offered dirt on his Democratic opponent. Repeatedly, Russian nationals suggested Trump should hold a peacemaking sit-down with Vladi­mir Putin — and offered to broker such a summit.

In all, Russians interacted with at least 14 Trump associates during the campaign and presidential transition, public records and interviews show.

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Trump’s main defense has been that there was no collusion between his campaign and the Russians, but the truth is that there has never been any separation between Trump’s life, his campaign, and his business. It is all one big jumble of conflicting interests that leads to corruption.

The conspiracy which is a crime involved people close to Trump and in his orbit. People like his kids, Roger Stone, Jerome Corsi, and Michael Cohen.

The no collusion defense is crumbling before our eyes, because collusion was a diversion. The real problem is that the Russians were in Trump’s life, and those personal relationships likely led to a criminal conspiracy against the people of the United States of America to obtain the presidency through illegal means.

Trump has always said no collusion, but there is a good reason why he has never said no crime.

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