In Bizarre Tweet, Trump Accuses Democrats of ‘Stealing People’

Yesterday House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff announced a broad investigation by his committee into all aspects of Donald Trump, opening up an intense and prolonged battle between Congress and the White House.

The statement released by Schiff stated that it would continue the Russian probe but would also include an examination into “whether any foreign actor has sought to compromise or holds leverage, financial or otherwise, over Donald Trump, his family, his business or his associates.”

In response, Trump on Thursday posted a strange rant on Twitter attacking House Democrats for expanding their investigations into his personal businesses.

“So now Congressman Adam Schiff announces, after having found zero Russian Collusion, that he is going to be looking at every aspect of my life, both financial and personal, even though there is no reason to be doing so,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Never happened before! Unlimited Presidential Harassment… The Dems and their committees are going ‘nuts.’”

The president then made an even stranger statement about Democrats “stealing” White House employees while pursuing their investigations.

“The Republicans never did this to President Obama, there would be no time left to run government,” he wrote. “I hear other committee heads will do the same thing. Even stealing people who work at White House! A continuation of Witch Hunt!”

Schiff’s announcement yesterday came one day after Trump slammed Democrats for “ridiculous partisan investigations” in his State of the Union address. Early Wednesday morning Schiff said he would not be intimidated by the president when he discussed with the media his plans for a sweeping investigation into Russia’s election interference and Trump’s finances.

Trump responded by blasting Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) as a “political hack who’s trying to build a name for himself” and as having “no basis” for launching the probe. “It’s just presidential harassment, and it’s unfortunate and it really does hurt our country,” Trump told reporters in the White House after hearing about Schiff’s announcement.

As if Schiff’s Wednesday announcement wasn’t enough to make Trump crazy, House Democrats will hold their first hearing Thursday on his tax returns.

Democratic lawmakers want to see Trump’s tax returns to ensure he’s complying with tax laws and untangle his financial connections, but administration officials and other Republicans are threatening to oppose any efforts to examine those documents, reported Bloomberg.

On MSNBC this morning, Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough laughed out loud in response to what Trump tweeted. He said:

“Just for a little comic relief, we have a tweet from the president of the United States.”

The tweets were then read aloud and Scarborough stopped after the complaint about Obama, saying:

“All right, let’s just stop right there. Where was he? This Benghazi investigation, how long did it go on? They literally kept it going until Hillary Clinton’s campaign was over. For four years they investigated.”

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