The Media Ignores Trump’s Rally As He Completely Implodes Over The Mueller Report

Donald Trump melted down in Michigan on Thursday night in his first campaign rally since the Mueller investigation wrapped up – and the media pretty much shrugged its shoulders.

As the president’s rally kicked off, both MSNBC and CNN opted out of covering it. Instead, they focused on more pressing issues, like: Um, where the hell is the actual Mueller report?

Fox News, of course, decided to cover the president as he threw a tantrum that would have left even the least developed fourth grader rolling his or her eyes.

Trump played his stale greatest hits

The rally was full of Trump‘s greatest hits. First, he went after what he called the “Russia hoax” and attacked Democrats for continuing to scrutinize him.

“The Democrats have to now to decide whether they will continue defrauding the public with ridiculous bullshit, partisan investigations, or whether they will apologize to the American people and join us to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, bring down the cost of health care and prescription drugs … help us fix our broken trade deals,” Trump said.

Like usual, he also went after the media, referring to journalists as “bad people” and said they must be held accountable for their reporting over the two-year Mueller investigation.

Like well-trained pets, the sea of red hats began chanting, “Lock them up!”

Then, like the true man-child that he is, Trump came up with a new nickname for Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff hours after the congressman tore Republicans to shreds for turning a blind eye to the president’s unethical behavior.

“Little pencil neck Adam Schiff,” the leader of the free world said. “He’s got the smallest, thinnest neck I’ve ever seen. He is not a longball hitter.”

Then Trump broke into an impression of the congressman, you know, like a totally sane commander-in-chief would do.

In another piece of Trump lunacy that shouldn’t be ignored, the president flaunted his ignorance when it comes to alternative energy.

The president (wrongly) claimed that wind power only works when it’s windy outside, telling the crowd, “I know a lot about wind.”

Meanwhile, the midwest is slipping away from Trump

In addition to his incoherent attacks on the media and Democrats, Trump tore into his usual retelling of the 2016 campaign, hitting Hillary Clinton for not visiting Michigan or Wisconsin enough before reminding the applauding rubes in the audience what the final electoral vote tally was.

But for anyone outside the MAGA bubble – aka the majority of the country – it’s no surprise that Trump dropped into Michigan on Thursday. After all, recent polling – and the 2018 election results – show that the president’s numbers in the midwest are collapsing.

According to new surveys, the president has fallen behind in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and even Iowa. Without those states, there is no second term for Donald Trump.

And while the president spent a sizeable portion of his ramble on Thursday night taking a victory lap over a report nobody – not even he – has seen, it might not matter that much either way.

The majority of the country has already made up their mind about 2020, and they don’t want to see this unstable man have access to the nuclear codes for another four years. The president’s performance on Thursday night provided a good reminder of why that is.

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