A Top Trump Adviser Just Got Busted For Running A Fundraising Scam

One of Trump’s top outside advisers, David Bossie, has been caught running an organization claiming to support Trump aligned candidates but is not donating most of the money.

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Trump’s Swamp Creatures Scam Small Donors

Axios along with Campaign Legal Center reported:

A political organization run by David Bossie, President Trump’s former deputy campaign manager, has raised millions of dollars by saying it’s supporting Trump-aligned conservative candidates — but has spent only a tiny fraction of that money supporting candidates. Instead, federal records suggest the Presidential Coalition has spent nearly all its money — raised mostly from small-dollar donations — on more fundraising, as well as administrative costs, which include Bossie’s salary, according to a new report produced by the Campaign Legal Center (CLC) in collaboration with Axios.


Based on the 527 organization’s IRS data, just $425,442 (or 3%) of the $15.4 million it spent during 2017 and 2018 went to direct political activity, which CLC defines as “direct donations to candidates or political committees, and a small number of state-level candidate ads.”

Bossie remains close to Trump, and you might know the name because he was behind the Citizens United dark money lawsuit that opened the floodgates to corruption. Bossie’s group conned small donors into thinking that they were giving money to help train and elect more candidates that would support Trump. Instead, they were giving their money to Bossie who paid himself a six-figure salary and dumped their donations into more fundraising schemes.

The swamp hasn’t been drained. Any army of corruption has built an even bigger swamp to fuel the greed of Trump’s allies.

Bossie’s operation misled the vulnerable, which means that it is the perfect fit for the criminal culture that has been built and is maintained by Donald Trump.

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