Even Fox News’s Poll Shows Most Americans Want Trump Impeached

In the latest Fox News poll, 50% of Americans want Trump impeached, and 48% do not. Even the polling on Fox is showing growing support for impeachment.

The bad news for Trump:

The same Fox News poll found that by a margin of 50%-46%, respondents believe that coordinated with Russia during the 2016 election.

Trump has failed to spin the Mueller report

Trump has chanted no collusion on a daily basis, but the belief that his campaign coordinated with Russia in 2016 has grown by six points since March. Trump and Attorney General William Barr have tried to spin the Mueller report, but the Fox News poll suggests that they have failed. The more Trump screams no collusion, the higher the percentage of Americans who believe that he coordinated with Russians goes.

Most Americans want Trump impeached, but they don’t want him removed from office. The case for impeachment is not as cut and dry as some make it out to be, but there is a clear opening for House Democrats to continue building the case for impeachment.

Even Trump’s favorite news network can’t hide the reality of impeachment.

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