Only 35% Support Removing Trump From Office Via Impeachment

A new poll finds that while Democrats want impeachment, the rest of the country has little stomach or interest in removing Trump from office.

The Monmouth University Poll found:
Just over a third (35%) of Americans feel that Trump should be impeached and compelled to leave the presidency while a clear majority (59%) disagree with this course of action. Support for the president’s removal via impeachment has ranged between 35% and 42% since Monmouth started asking this question in July 2017, with the current results at the low end of that range. Opposition to impeachment has been between 53% and 59% during the same time.

Overall, 41% of Americans say it is a good idea for the House Judiciary Committee to conduct an inquiry which may or may not lead to impeachment, but more (51%) say even this initial step is a bad idea. Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler confirmed the launch of an inquiry earlier this month. Most Democrats (72%) feel it is a good idea to go down this path, but only 39% of independents and just 8% of Republicans agree. Among those who disapprove of the president’s job performance, fully two-thirds (69%) say it is a good idea to take this step, while just over 1-in-5 (22%) disagree.

Here’s the graph:

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is correct. While Democrats are clamoring for impeachment, the rest of the country is not.

There is some very good news for Democrats in the same Monmouth University Poll:

A majority (57%) of registered voters say it is time to have someone new in the Oval Office, while just under 4-in-10 (39%) feel that Trump should be reelected in 2020. This is very similar to the 59% “someone new” and 37% reelect results in June, just before the official launch of the president’s reelection campaign.

Voters don’t want Trump impeached and removed. They want to do the job themselves.

A formal impeachment investigation is a good idea, but impeachment itself carries serious risks for Democrats in 2020.