Republicans Are Plotting To Go After Social Security Behind Closed Doors

Nearly two years after Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress gave a massive, budget-busting tax cut to the wealthiest individuals and corporations in the country, they are poised to go after Social Security benefits that over 60 million lower and middle-income Americans rely on.

According to The Washington Post, “Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) said at a recent town hall that lawmakers should discuss fixing Social Security ‘behind closed doors,’ prompting a wave of criticism from liberal and advocacy groups.”

Of course, “fixing Social Security” always means making cuts to or privatizing the program, which the Iowa senator – and many other Republicans – have proposed.

As The Post also points out, Sen. Ernst is running for reelection in Iowa in 2020. Leading an effort within her party to go after Social Security after voting for a massive tax cut for the wealthy probably won’t sit well with her constitutions – particularly in Iowa, where Trump’s trade war has already done major damage.

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More from the report:

Ernst told the audience in Estherville that “there is a point in time when we as Congress will have to address the situation. And I think it’s better done sooner rather than later, to make sure that we’ve shored up that system.”

“So it’s, you know, a broader discussion for another day,” she added. “But I do think, as various parties and members of Congress, we need to sit down behind closed doors so we’re not being scrutinized by this group or the other, and just have an open and honest conversation about what are some of the ideas that we have for maintaining Social Security in the future.”

Ernst did not mention privatizing Social Security in her town hall remarks. She has previously mentioned private accounts as one “option” among many that lawmakers should examine, “because we really don’t know which way is the best way to go yet,” according to the Des Moines Register.

The GOP wants lower and middle-class folks to pay for their tax scam

Most folks recognize that the Republican tax scam passed in 2017 hasn’t helped anybody but the wealthiest individuals and corporations. It’s why GOP candidates didn’t talk much about the law during the 2018 midterms.

So not only did Trump and the GOP give a massive handout to the top income earners in America while giving peanuts – or even tax increases – to everybody else. But now they’re trying to pay for that scam by coming after earned benefits that millions of people rely on.

Just as it didn’t play well in 2018 when Republicans suffered historic losses, it’s not going to be a recipe for success for Donald Trump and his party in 2020.

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