Republicans Call Emergency Meeting As Trump’s Presidency Goes Up In Flames


As the Trump presidency continues to go up in flames, Republicans hastily arranged a phone call on Monday to “hash out a unified strategy to defend President Donald Trump.”

According to Politico, House Republicans are struggling to defend Trump as a deluge of information comes out about the high crimes and misdemeanors he committed during various interactions with foreign leaders.

The conference call on Monday afternoon was an attempt by the GOP to regroup as members of their caucus continue to fall flat on their faces when trying to defend the president in television performances.


More from Politico:

With Democrats aggressively pushing ahead with their impeachment inquiry, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) convened a conference call on Monday afternoon where he urged members of his leadership team and GOP committee leaders to get on the same messaging page, according to multiple lawmakers and aides.

McCarthy implored his troops to stay focused on communicating that there is nothing that rises to the level of impeachment in the president’s July phone call with Ukraine, when Trump urged the Ukrainian president to investigate the Biden family.

Part of the challenge for Republicans is that Democrats are moving forward quickly with their impeachment probe, even working over the two-week recess. And new damning details about Trump’s communications with foreign leaders kept popping up over the weekend, forcing Republicans to play whack-a-mole and complicating their messaging strategy just ahead of the Sunday news shows where a number of GOP lawmakers and White House officials struggled to defend the president.

Better talking points won’t save Trump and Republicans

Maybe talking points are effective in a standard, right-versus-left political debate. But the reason Republicans are failing in their messaging – and they will continue to fail – is that this isn’t a standard right-versus-left argument.

This is about a president of the United States who sought to use taxpayer dollars to extort a foreign power into giving him information about a political opponent. It’s really that simple.

These facts aren’t only laid out in the devastating whistleblower complaint, but they are also clearly documented in the official “transcript” provided by the White House.

Better talking points on cable news won’t save Trump or Republicans from a damning set of facts and swift, unified action from House Democrats.

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