It’s About To Get Even Worse For Trump As Public Impeachment Hearings Are Coming Soon

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) says Democrats have five or six more witnesses to hear from in their investigation, and then public Trump impeachment hearings will begin.

Rep. Speier said on MSNBC, “I think we have probably another five or six witnesses. And then I think we would be in a position where we should turn over our testimonies that we’ve received, all of the transcripts to the judiciary committee, for the impeachment process to bein.’


As bad as this story has been so far for Trump, it is about to get a thousand times worse. Impeachment hearings will grab the nation’s attention, and if the Clinton impeachment, which happened before social media, is any indication, it will take over all political conversation.

Trump and the Republicans have no defense for the illegal shadow foreign policy Ukraine shakedown that the president and his TV lawyer were trying to run. The country has never seen a presidential abuse of power that cuts through multiple cabinet-level agencies.

Trump’s crime and corruption are about to be placed on public display for the entire country to see.

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