Trump Bought A Painting Of Himself Because No One Else Bid On It

Trump’s attorneys have admitted that he bought a painting of himself with his foundation’s money because no one else bid on it.

According to ABC News, “Attorneys for Trump argued that the money was always used for charitable purposes within the law, such as in 2014 when Trump bid $10,000 of foundation money on a portrait of himself at a charity auction benefiting the Unicorn Foundation. Trump Organization attorney, Alan Futerfas told the court Trump only donated to start the bidding, but when no one else would bid, the Donald J. Trump Foundation was stuck with the painting.”

Trump got “stuck with the painting” because he was humiliated that no one bid on it at a charity auction. No one wanted a giant painting of Donald Trump, so he broke the law and used money belonging to his foundation to buy the painting and soothe his ego.

Donald Trump’s tales of popularity has always been part of his self-mythmaking. Those myths have been shattered one by one under the harsh and unforgiving glare of the presidency. Trump wasn’t a business success. He lost billions of dollars. Trump did actually what he accused Hillary Clinton of doing in 2016. He ran a sham foundation that he used a personal piggy bank for himself and his family.

Nobody wanted a picture of Donald Trump, so he illegally bought it himself with foundation money.

The story perfectly sums up the ego, neediness, and criminality that swirl together to make the psyche of Donald Trump.

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