During Ohio Rally, Trump Spirals Into Iran Rant That Should Terrify Every American

Following Iran’s strikes on military bases in Iraq, Donald Trump tweeted that “all is well!”

During a completely bonkers rally on Thursday night in Ohio, it was clear that all is not so well after all, at least not with the president’s mental health.


At one point during the president’s self-therapy rally, he spiraled into a meltdown over attempts by Congress to have oversight of his reckless military actions.

He attacked Rep. Adam Schiff’s neck size, claiming the Democratic lawmaker buys “the smallest shirt collar you can get,” and he went after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, saying she is “not operating with a full deck.”


Only the video of Trump’s disturbing ramble can do it any justice:


Of course, this was just one moment during a MAGA rally on Thursday night that was filled with absolute insanity.

At one point, Trump bragged about being more popular than Abraham Lincoln. From behind the presidential seal, he said Hillary Clinton deserved to be locked up. And he criticized Barack Obama for – wait for it – golfing.

Trump looks and sounds increasingly unwell

Ultimately, It’s hard to cherry pick a crazy moment from a Trump rally – especially Thursday night’s sh*tshow in Ohio – since each of the events are completely terrifying and bizarre from start to finish.  But his Iran meltdown and the schoolyard insults attached to it should be particularly troubling to every American.

Decisions of war and peace are the most serious that a president will have to make during his or her time in office. The fact that this is the way Donald Trump approaches them is frightening.

It’s exactly the reason behind a poll showing that a wide margin of the American people believe he is a dangerous commander-in-chief, and it’s why he has no business being elected to a second term in the White House.

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