Nancy Pelosi Bluntly Sums Up Trump’s Pandemic Response: “Delay, Denial, Death”

Donald Trump gets an “F” on Coronavirus, according to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. The California Democrat offered a brutal summary of the President’s failures on Wednesday.

Pelosi spoke to MSNBC about Trump’s lack of preparation and the damage it had caused to the American people.

“For our seniors in nursing homes and the rest, as you say, there’s a big toll being taken there. But if we can test and contact and isolate people, we’re on a very much better path,” she said.

“There’s a Boy Scout saying, ‘Proper preparation prevents poor performance.’ Well, that is exactly where the president gets an F.”

“He was not properly prepared, not with the truth, with the facts, or the admission of what was happening in our country — delay, whatever, delay, denial, death,” Pelosi said.

Watch the video:

“And instead we’d like to see him insist on the truth and we must insist on the truth with him.”

Pelosi branded Trump an “agent of distraction” and said his immigration ban was a “distraction from his failure on testing.”

“We’re never going to get there at the snail pace that they are putting forth,” she said.

“But you have seen scientists outside, academics and the rest setting a standard three times higher than what the White House is talking about. So we have put the resources there.”

“We’re prepared to do more in terms of the testing in the next legislation,” Pelosi added.

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