Trump Tries To Blame Obama For His Virus Incompetence

Trump called the demand for expanded coronavirus testing a media trap and tried to blame President Obama for his incompetence.

Trump said it was unnecessary to do 5 million coronavirus tests and then went on to blame Obama, “Look, we are better than anyone else in the world on testing. We have tested more than anybody in the world, and we have the best tests in the world, and that’s been all developed in the last couple of months because we started off with nothing. We had absolutely nothing, and that included ventilators, and that included, I always say the cubbards were bare. They were bare in the military, and they were bare medically in terms of pandemics or epidemics or whatever you want to call it.”


Reminder, it was Donald Trump who got rid of the White House Pandemic Office.
Trump said that the nation doesn’t need to do more virus tests because our tests are the best in the world, but if there is a problem, it’s all Obama’s fault.

Donald Trump has spent weeks trying to find someone else to blame for his failed and inept coronavirus response. Trump has blamed Obama, the governors, China, and anyone else that he can think of.

Nothing is ever Donald Trump’s fault.