House Dem Calls Trump ‘Rotten To The Core’ For Doing Nothing As Russia Puts Bounty On US Troops

Donald Trump still hasn’t responded to the explosive report that Russia has been paying to have American troops killed in Afghanistan, but Democrats are already expressing outrage.

During an MSNBC interview on Saturday, House Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-PA) said the news is “chilling” and “sickening,” but not at all surprising given who the president is.

“It’s shocking, but maybe it shouldn’t be,” the Democratic lawmaker said. “This is how rotten to the core this president is.”

“He doesn’t seem to really love this country,” she added.


Rep. Dean said:

It is chilling. It is sickening. And it’s shocking, but maybe it shouldn’t be. This is how rotten to the core this president is. He doesn’t seem to have any compassion or understanding. He doesn’t seem to really love this country. He doesn’t seem to really understand our constitution. He certainly curries favor with our enemies and disrespects and disregards our allies and our friends.

Trump consistently puts Russia before America

Since day one, Donald Trump has refused to put the United States of America before Russia, likely because the Kremlin is partly the reason why he’s sitting in the White House to begin with.

It was bad enough in 2018, when Trump stood on the world stage and sold out to Vladimir Putin, saying he took Russia’s word – over the U.S. intelligence community – that they didn’t meddle in the 2016 election.

Not even American troops being targeted by Russia is enough to shake Donald Trump of his undying loyalty to Vladimir Putin.

A man who consistently embraces foreign adversaries at the expense of the United States – and the lives of U.S. troops – has no business being president.

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