Press Secretary Falls Apart When Confronted With Trump’s Racism


Press Secretary Kaleigh McEnany crumbled when asked why Trump thinks Bubba Wallace should apologize for a hate crime that he didn’t report.

CBS’s Paula Reid asked why Trump is demanding an apology from Wallace for a noose that was reported by NASCAR.

McEnany answered, “Well, look, the FBI as I noted concluded that this is not a hate crime, and he believes it would go a long way if Bubba came out and acknowledged that as well.”


Reid responded, “He has. He has in interviews. He has been very clear that the FBI found that this was not intentional. Why is he directing this at Mr. Wallace?”

McEnany responded by quoting Trump’s attack on the media in his 4th of July speech and tried to change the subject to false accusations.

The Press Secretary then ignored the question about the president is suggesting that Wallace apologize for an investigation that he didn’t initiate into a potential hate crime.


We’re getting into serious Dear Leader territory as the Press Secretary stood behind a podium and quoted Trump’s baseless attacks from a speech in response to questions.

Trump called on Wallace to apologize because his campaign is running on a platform of racism.

McEnany can’t defend Trump’s racist attacks on any factual grounds, so she spits out a Trump quote and ignores questions.

The media isn’t helping Trump push his racist narrative, and the pushback paralyzes the White House.

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