A 4 Star General Who Never Endorsed A Candidate Has Endorsed Joe Biden

Four-star Gen. Chuck Boyd, who describes himself a long time Republican, had never endorsed a candidate until he endorsed Joe Biden.

Gen. Boyd said on CNN:

Well, my — when he did it with John McCain, it was disgusting of course. But it didn’t really trigger me into any kind of action at the time. But when The Atlantic article came out in which he called me because I took it personally, he called me a loser and a sucker, he called all people who serve under him with contempt, with disdain, the — every man and every woman that chooses to serve their country in the military, they do two things.

First of all, they take an oath of office that they will protect the constitution. But second, and this is the one that I think there is this sort of an informal contract that has an unlimited liability clause in it. That clause says that I will commit myself up to impeding my life if necessary in support of this nation’s security, that kind of commitment and for a commander to hold those kinds of committed people calling them losers, that really got to me. It sickened me.


Ret. Gen. Boyd was a POW in Vietnam for seven years. No one in their right mind would denigrate his sacrifice the way that Donald Trump has.

Trump’s words and slurs against the troops and those who serve the country are having an impact on voters. They are making people like Gen. Boyd, who previously served the nation in silence, stand up and speak out.

Donald Trump can hold all of the coronavirus spreading rallies that he wants, but the majority of a disgusted nation has turned against him, and they are being moved to remove him from office at polling places from coast to coast.

People who believe in public service are standing together to reject Donald Trump.

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