Ivanka Trump Throws A Fit And Falsely Claims The Media Doesn’t Cover Violence Against Conservatives

Ivanka Trump showed that she is just like her father as she threw a tantrum and claimed the media doesn’t cover violence against conservatives.

Ivanka Trump tweeted:

Much of the focus is on how it will be much better for the country when Donald Trump is out of the White House, and no longer has the platform of the presidency to use to divide America, but America will also benefit from Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump going back to their lives in New York (at least until the criminal indictments are handed down).

As Donald Trump Jr. openly seeks power within the Republican Party, it is Ivanka Trump who is her father’s favorite and was chosen to be at his side in the White House. Ivanka is Donald Trump’s mini-me. She is trying to use grievance and attacks on the media to divide the country.

Ivanka Trump‘s claims have no merit. There aren’t armed militias of Biden supporters roaming the streets and hatching plots to kidnap and kill governors. It wasn’t a Biden supporter who went to Minnesota and shot and killed two protesters after the killing of George Floyd.

All violence is wrong, but the vast majority of violence is being carried out by the right and being fueled by rhetoric that is being pushed by the Trumps.

Ivanka Trump is no moderate. She is showing that she is the next generation of the Trump threat to America.

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