Donald Trump Jr. Unravels Into A Screaming And Name-Calling Tantrum At Georgia Runoff Rally

With just over two weeks until Donald Trump is forced to leave the White House, putting his family in financial and legal jeopardy, the Trumps appear to be unraveling before the country’s eyes.

During a campaign rally in Georgia on Monday night, Donald Trump Jr. devolved into shouting and name-calling tantrum. You know, things completely stable adults do.

“When you’re at a disadvantage, you don’t take your ball and go home. You get out there and you fight harder!” the president’s eldest son screamed from the podium.

Trump Jr. also resorted to name-calling during his Georgia meltdown, slamming Democratic lawmakers as “freakin’ morons.”

The Trump family is about to be hit with a rude awakening

In and of itself, Donald Trump Jr.’s performance on Monday night was a disturbing one. It shows a man embracing his father’s destructive politics of hate and division and hoping to use it for a possible future run for office.

But it’s also a demonstration of just how quickly the outgoing first family is coming undone after Donald Trump lost the November election to Joe Biden.

They know that once Trump leaves office on Jan. 20, it won’t just be the soon-to-be former president who faces legal and financial trouble. It will be the entire family. It’s why Donald Trump is reportedly floating the idea of preemptively pardoning his three adult children.

Donald Trump Jr.’s unhinged performance on Monday night appeared to be less of a campaign speech for Georgia’s GOP Senate candidates and more of therapy session for him.

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