The 1/6 Committee Is Ready To Move Aggressively On Ginni Thomas

The 1/6 Committee has been aggressively looking at Ginni Thomas and others involved in Trump’s coup and they are ready to move.

The 1/6 Committee Wants To Interview Ginni Thomas

CNN reported:

A source with knowledge of the committee’s investigation told CNN that Thomas is one of many people the committee has been looking at, and that the committee has been “moving aggressively on many fronts, conducting depositions, sometimes multiple depositions, almost every day.”

Last week, a select committee spokesperson would not comment on Thomas specifically but told CNN that the panel has not ruled out issuing subpoenas to anyone.

The Media Getting Ginni Thomas’s Text Messages Was No Accident

The release of some of Ginni Thomas’s text messages appears to have been strategic, just as Thomas’s interview with a conservative publication where she claimed to have nothing to do with the 1/6 attack looks like an effort to get out in front of a story that the Justice and Mrs. Thomas knew was coming.

The 1/6 Committee is not playing games with any of the coup plotters, and there is no doubt that if Ginni Thomas refuses to sit for an interview with the committee, she will be subpoenaed.

Thomas was communicating with members of Congress and the White House chief of staff.  These facts alone would make her someone of great interest to the 1/6 Committee as they try to piece together the events behind Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election and the attack on the Capitol.