DOJ Is Investigating Trump For Fraud Related To Fundraising

A different federal grand jury is investigating Donald Trump and his Save America PAC for fraud related to fundraising.

The New York Times reported:

According to subpoenas issued by the grand jury, the contents of which were described to The New York Times, the Justice Department is interested in the inner workings of Save America PAC, Mr. Trump’s main fund-raising vehicle after the election. Several similar subpoenas were sent on Wednesday to junior and midlevel aides who worked in the White House and for Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign.

At least one of the new subpoenas bore the name of a veteran federal prosecutor in Washington who specializes in fraud cases, suggesting that this avenue of inquiry is devoted primarily to examining the spending and fund-raising at Mr. Trump’s PAC.

The potential fraud under investigation is that Trump raised $250 million from his supporters by claiming that the money would be used to fight election fraud when there was no fraud. The money wasn’t spent on lawsuits related to the supposed fraud.

The only fraud possibly being perpetuated was carried out by Donald Trump. The former president’s monetization of the big lie was a potential crime, which is why he is now under investigation by the DOJ.

Trump is under DOJ investigation for the theft of classified documents. The Trump campaign is under DOJ investigation for the fake elector scheme, and now there is a third DOJ investigation into Trump’s potentially fraudulent fundraising.

Attorney General Garland has gone from hearing complaints about not doing enough to investigate Trump to criminally investigating the former president on at least three fronts.

Donald Trump’s legal problems are getting worse by the day.