James Comer talks about issuing criminal referrals for the Bidens with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News.

James Comer Admits He Setting Up Trump To Prosecute Biden

Last updated on June 10th, 2024 at 04:48 pm

House Oversight Committee Chair Rep. James Comer (R-KY) admitted that his criminal referrals are about setting Trump up to prosecute President Biden and his family.

Comer said when pressed on Fox News by Maria Bartiromo about why he hasn’t issued criminal referrals for the crimes that he alleges the Bidens have committed:

We’re just beginning, Maria and a lot of those crimes that the Bidens have committed. The statute of limitations has run out. That was one of the complaints that the IRS whistleblower said when we had him testify in our committee, but we’re gonna deal with those and we’re gonna deal with Joe Biden. Remember, this is an investigation of Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Jim Biden, and Devin Archer. These are all all witnesses in an investigation of Joe Biden. This was always about Joe Biden. Now we’re gonna do everything we can to hold Hunter Biden and, and all the different shady associates accountable.

This is just the beginning, but the next step will be accountability for Joe Biden. I think everyone that’s kept up with this investigation will be very eager to see what the next step is. This is the first step, these criminal referrals, everything that, that we refer to the Department of Justice is within the Statute of limitations. In fact, there’s a five-year statute of limitations. So if Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice doesn’t take this up in an appropriate manner, then the next administration and a new attorney general certainly can the investigations already be done. With these criminal referrals, we published a 60-page report of nothing but hard evidence that no one has made a comment in disputing anything we provided in the evidence.


Comer never says what crimes President Biden supposedly committed, because he has no evidence of any crimes. Instead, he keeps claiming that an investigation that is over a year and a half old is just getting started and keeps trying to string Fox News viewers along with teases about more information coming.

Since Chair Comer has failed with Biden’s impeachment, he will set up a potential Trump administration to get revenge on Biden by issuing a series of criminal referrals.

Comer is setting the stage for political prosecutions, and his abuse of House oversight power has taken an even darker turn.

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