New Chair Of House Armed Services Committee Will Fight Trump’s Lies

The incoming head of the House Armed Services Committee has vowed to expose all of Donald Trump’s lies. Even before he takes over this important committee, Rep. Adam Smith (D-Wash.), has given the president a taste of what difficulties he will face with a new Democratic majority starting January 3rd. read more

House Republicans Pass Measure To Prevent DREAMers From Serving In The Military

The U.S. House voted to block a measure permitting considering letting immigrants who arrived here illegally to serve in the military.

Seditious Republicans Spend Paid Vacation Instigating Rebellion Among Military Generals

Tea Party Republican Congressman Doug Lamborn of Colorado is spending his seven week paid vacation "behind the scenes" urging military generals to resign in protest of President Obama's policies.

CNN Shoots Down Michele Bachmann With a Single Point About Benghazi and Jobs

Michele Bachmann tried to justify yet another Benghazi investigation by saying it's what the people want, but Candy Crowley said the people want jobs.