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Trump calls getting COVID a blessing from GOD

Trump Attacks General James Mattis for Remarks About “America First”

President Donald Trump launched an attack against James Mattis, his former defense secretary, after Mattis expressed a desire to see Trump’s signature “America First” policies removed from national security strategy for the incoming Biden-Harris administration. “That says it all about Mattis. Obama fired him. I should have fired him sooner,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Did…


Trump: Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis “Overrated,” Threatens to Tell “Real Story” About Him

President Donald Trump this morning attacked James Mattis, his former Secretary of Defense, calling the celebrated military general “overrated.” “Mattis was our Country’s most overrated General,” he wrote in response to a tweet quoting intelligence analyst Sebastian Gorka, who said Mattis “is no Marine.” “He talked a lot, but never ‘brought home the bacon,’” Trump…

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