Opinion: Kansas’ Brownback Slammed by Supreme Court a Third Time For Underfunding Schools

It seems completely illogical that the state can argue that a reduction in education funding was necessitated by the downturn in the economy and the state's diminishing resources and at the same time cut taxes further.

Vice President Mike Pence Wants the Bible Taught As Science

The evangelical fundamentalists, all 13.2 percent of them, are appealing to vice president-elect Pence by petition and demanding that he, as head of domestic policy, inform president-elect Trump that it is crucial to immediately issue an executive order in"definitely banning” the teaching of evolution as science.

Kansas Republicans Employ Koch Propaganda To Abolish Public Schools

Kansas GOP calls public schools government schools to imply they indoctrinate children and interfere with individual's free choice.

Hillary Clinton’s Brilliant Education Plan Will Work And End Education Wars

Clinton promises to be a champion for education by not taking advice from people interested in breaking unions and privatizing schools.

After GOP Assaults, Teachers’ Union Endorsed a Public Education Advocate Early

"It is just dead wrong to make teachers the scapegoats for all of society's problems. Where I come from, teachers are the solution."

Ohio Governor Kasich’s Corrupt Corporate Charter Schools Are A National Joke

Although Republicans have not had as much success transferring taxpayer funding for public education to corporations at the federal level, Republican governors have made raiding public education a bonanza for corporate charter and private religious schools.

Conservative Prays For Katrina-Like Disaster In Chicago To Give Corporations Government Control

Instead of noting how inept the Bush response to help tens-of-thousands of Americans was, or mourning the loss of 1,800 lives, this sick psychotic conservative hoped that an equally-catastrophic disaster would strike the city of Chicago.

Colorado Supreme Court Rules Using Public School Money For Private Religious Instruction is Unconstitutional

The poor performance of deliberately underfunded public schools allows legislators to siphon off funds to religious institutions in the name of education.

Massive School Layoffs, Healthcare, Food Stamp Cuts Populate Scott Walker’s Koch Budget

scott walker emails

Scott Walker's budget epitomizes the Koch-Republican "vision for America" and not at all unique among states ruled by Koch-governors with Republican legislatures. In Wisconsin, because Walker has driven the state's deficit over the $2 billion mark with tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, he intends on slashing yet another $300 million from the University of Wisconsin system over two years, and for fun will make seriously Draconian cuts to health care and food stamps.

Keeping Their Voters Stupid Keeps Republicans Elected

Over the past six years after every election, a relatively common question is why do so many Americans dependably vote against their own self-interests. Despite poor white people in southern red states barely surviving on slave wages, welfare, food stamps, and no adequate healthcare, they routinely vote for Republicans openly campaigning on driving their constituents deeper into poverty.

What Conservatives Fear Most Is a Well Educated America

Conservatives are terrified of a well-educated populace, and for over a year the terror du jour is Common Core that the great majority of conservative Christian fear-mongers have little-to-no comprehension of what it entails.

Tony Perkins Warns Against Indoctrination at Government-Run Schools

Tony Perkins wants you to worry about your child being brainwashed by the "radical teachers" that "infest" our public schools.

ALEC’s Latest Scam Is Sending Public School Dollars to Corporate Owned Private Schools

The Koch brothers' American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) wants to send taxpayer dollars earmarked for public schools to corporate-owned private schools and religious programs.

As Our Institutions Fail, Will Americans Get Angry or Apathetic?

We need to believe in the competence of our public institutions for our society to function. When they don't function, how should we react?

Public Schools Face a New Nemesis in Parent Trigger Laws

Parent trigger laws are being pushed by ALEC and other right wing groups to allow parents to essentially 'fire' a public school, with the potential to make them into private, charter schools.

The Not-So-Miraculous Charter School Solution

Recently, isolated successes in charter schools have gotten big headlines, masking the numerous issues they present including undermining public education

The “Good News Club”: How the Religious Right is Taking Indoctrination into Public Schools

With the blessing of the Supreme Court, fundamentalist, right wing evangelists are taking religious indoctrination into the public schools.

The Tea Party Demands That Public Education Not Be Equal For All

Tea party leaders have shown their un-American roots by demanding that education be returned to an era when it was the exclusive domain of the wealthy.