Ivanka Trump Gets Busted And Gives Mueller The Basis For Trump/Russia Collusion

Ivanka Trump was caught meeting with the Russian who was trying to set up the get-together Trump and Putin on Trump's Moscow project.

Adam Schiff Shreds Don Jr. For Refusing To Say What His Dad Knows About Secret Russia Meeting

Trump Jr. claimed client-attorney privilege to explain his refusal to divulge what he and elder Trump talked about following the secret June 9 meeting with Russian officials at Trump Tower.

Adam Schiff Puts The Pieces Together That Could Lead To Criminal Charges Against Trump

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) read Donald Trump Jr.'s new statement and noticed that the part about his father knowing nothing about the Russia meeting had been omitted, which could be setting up the President for potentially new criminal charges.

GOP Strategist Goes Off On The President: ‘Everything Trump Touches Dies’

Rick Wilson Trump

"The stilted nature of the text alone was sort of a tell that President Unindicted Co-conspirator was involved," Rick Wilson said before unloading on Trump.

More Evidence Of Cover-Up As Trump Personally Wrote Don Jr.’s False Statement On Russia Meeting

The new development "adds to a series of actions that Trump has taken that some advisers fear could place him and some members of his inner circle in legal jeopardy."

Malcolm Nance Shreds Fox News For Creating National Security Crisis By Defending Don Jr. Meeting

Nance Fox news

"If this is the strategy that they're going to go to ... then we have got a crisis in national security going on."

AM Joy Bursts Into Laughter As Pro-Trump Analyst Goes Full Crazy To Defend Don Jr. Meeting

Unable to defend the content of the actual meeting, the analyst just repeatedly held up funny pictures of Rob Goldstone, the man who arranged the meeting.

Senate Dems Slam Trump And Defend America As White House Considers Lifting Russia Punishment

A handful of Democratic Senators were fuming on Thursday as Donald Trump and the White House strongly consider giving back two compounds to Russia that were shut down by the Obama administration.

Trump Flees The Country As Russia Scandal Blows Up And Impeachment Legislation Hits Congress

Trump may be far away, but the stench of scandal and controversy that has plagued his presidency since day one will follow him to France.