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New Republican Strategy: Shoot Selves in Foot

These ideologically-motivated refusals are perhaps not such a bright idea when you stop to think about it. The problem being of course, that not many people stopped to do any thinking leading up to these midterms and Republicans seem to be doing less thinking than most. It all became about rage and ideology. Nobody was thinking in practical terms. So they all decided to have a group foot shoot instead.


A Confused and Clueless Palin Doesn’t Know What a Stimulus Package is

Sarah Palin was on Fox News’ Freedom Watch yesterday with Andrew Napolitano (the “Judge”) to discuss the utter badness of Obama’s stimulus package (not to be confused or repudiated with his “cajones”, people—keep it clean, we leave the vulgar stuff to the Sister Sarah). So Sarah was tossin’ around those buzz words like “feds bribin’ the states” and she was feelin’ pretty good. Sarah loves being the attack dog and it looked like she was in her element…..Until The Judge asked her if she was upset about the Bush stimulus package and TARP. This is where poor Sarah teetered and fell right off her talking points into the great abyss of Things She Doesn’t Understand.

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