Friday Fox Follies – Funny Is As Funny Does

Friday Fox Follies – Funny Is As Funny Does

So much struck Friday Fox Follies funny this week, starting with the Fox “News” reaction over President Obama’s final State of the Union. The station almost turned itself into a pretzel to attack Obama’s pledge to cure cancer without coming out in favor of the disease which took David Bowie and Alan Rickman this week.

It started even before the speech as Faux Fox Democrat Caddell Pre-Smears Obama’s State Of The Union. However, it was preordained that Fox News Hates Obama’s State Of The Union Address, Loves GOP Nikki Haley’s Rebuttal.

Those Foxy Friends on Fox & Friends provided several comedy bits. First, Fox’s Dr. Marc Siegel: President Obama Is “The Wrong Commander-In-Chief For The War On Cancer”:

MARC SIEGEL: Absolutely, he’s the wrong commander-in-chief for the war on cancer. Now 45 years ago, President Nixon actually put his money where his mouth is. He got $100 million, which was a lot in those days. He got the National Cancer Act passed. The National Cancer Institute started getting behind all the new treatments and research, and it led to 45 years of exciting advances in cancer. Now, right now, Anna, we’re on the cusp of some major advances in cancer. So, President Obama’s timing is right. We have personalized medicine coming out. We have immunotherapy where everybody’s tumor is looked at as different than everybody else’s, where we have treatments that cause the immune system to target the cancer, very, very, very exciting genetic treatments. But guess what won’t cover this stuff? Obamacare. Because Obamacare is one size fits all. Obamacare is not going to say, hey, this cancer that you have that no one else has, we’re going to get insurance to cover it. Obamacare is narrow networks of doctors. It doesn’t include most of these major medical centers, the cancer institutes. It won’t include these treatments that are $100,000 per year. And not only that, as you just said, it stifles innovation. $500 billion in taxes over ten years under Obamacare. Research and development is going on overseas. It’s not going on here.

(Continued Below)

STEVE DOOCY (HOST): Doctor, we certainly want them to eventually eradicate cancer. But, is, you know, is the national government being mobilized? You pointed out that Nixon asked for $100 million to fight cancer. Whereas, is this an actual effort on behalf of the Obama administration? Or is it an homage to Joe, who in the last year lost his son to cancer, and this would be a good project for him?

Another laff-riot was when Fox & Friends [said]: Obama Ripped His State Of The Union Speech From The West Wing by contrasting a snippet from that show with the SOTU:

PRESIDENT OBAMA: With the new moon shot America can cure cancer. So tonight I’m announcing a new national effort to get it done. Let’s make America the country that cures cancer once and for all.

ROB LOWE ON THE WEST WING: We’ve reached for the stars, and never have we been closer to having them in our grasp. And so I announce to you tonight, we will cure cancer by the end of this decade.

DOOCY: Moon shot, reach for the stars.

CLAYTON MORRIS: If you’re going to rip off somebody, rip off Aaron Sorkin.

You won’t be surprised how often Fox “News” crops up in 6 Years of Right-Wing Media Attacks on Obama’s State of the Union Addresses and Worst Right-Wing Media Reactions To Obama’s Final State Of The Union Address, which is why
The Final Year Of Obama Derangement Syndrome Is Gonna Be A Doozy.

It’s all a part of the Fox “News” Channel’s continued attack on PWB — POTUS WHILE BLACK.

Fox’s Gutfeld: Obama Was
Nominated Because “Historical Black
Beats Historical White” Woman

Fox’s Geraldo Rivera:
“The Nation Was Not Ready
For A Black President”

Black Fox News Guest Says
Black Americans are ‘Poorer,
Dumber and More Criminalized’

Doocy: You talk about over the last 40 years, trillions of dollars have been put to fight poverty, yet poverty is proliferating in many neighborhoods because?

Crystal Wright: Well, because of Democrats and the con that they’re running on black Americans. They have made black Americans poorer, dumber, and more criminalized.

Doocy: Why do you say that? That’s their end game?

Wright: It’s not just me. Look, 93% of, you know how the President goes around, wants to talk about regulating legal gun ownership? I’ve never seen Barack Obama talk about the black lives being killed by other blacks in Chicago DC, or Baltimore. 93% of all black homicides are committed by other black people. And you know the number one cause of death among young black men ages 15 to 34? Guns! Illegal guns, cuz [t]hey’re killin’ each other! That’s the con job. But yet, black people keep voting against their interests, and I would argue the Democrat Party is literally killing black Americans from the womb to the streets.

The pre-interview ensures Fox knew exactly what she was going to say, which is a message Fox wanted to convey.

Meanwhile, after Donald Trump says Tavis Smiley is a racist, Watch Tavis Smiley brilliantly deflect Fox News talking points on race on “The Kelly File,” and it’s just fun as Smiley Hits Back at Trump for Calling Him Racist: ‘I’m Not the One Who Went After Muslims.’

It’s not just racism. Fox “News” excels in xenophobia, as this exchange on The Five demonstrates perfectly:

Fox’s Eric Bolling Calls El Chapo
‘The One Mexican We Want’

Before Bolling spoke on the subject, cohost Greg Gutfeld “quipped” about El Chapo, “Why didn’t he go to San Francisco? It’s a sanctuary city!”

“How about taking him to Gitmo?” cohost Dana Perino “asked.”

“Oh, sorry, all closed up,” cohost Kimberly Guilfoyle snarked.

Then it was Bolling’s turn.

BOLLING: The one Mexican we want, we can’t get over here and put him in jail. Instead…

Later, after realizing the import of what he had just said, Bolling asked, “Can I just clarify my comment? The one “illegal” Mexican.”

“This is why the Republicans will lose the election,” cohost Geraldo Rivera added.

Ya think?

In a totally misogynist attack on all those brilliant journalists, Sports Writer Attacks Female Fox News Hosts for ‘Dressing Like Hookers,’ which is merely FFF‘s excuse to play this video from a few years back extolling these journalistic geniuses.

It’s a toe-tapper.

PASSAGES: According to a recent Gabriel Sherman story at New York Magazine, With Roger Ailes Absent, Fox News Is Drifting — There Isn’t Even a ‘Trump Strategy,’ which essentially reports that Roger Ailes Reportedly “A Diminished Force” At Fox News. Among the pull quotes NewsHounds identifies is this one that caught my attention:

The succession question seems to be taking on new urgency after three sources say Ailes threatened to quit this summer when Murdoch elevated his sons, Lachlan and James, to take over the media empire. After their promotions were announced, Ailes put out his own statement on Fox Business that declared he would continue reporting directly to Rupert. Eventually, an uneasy accord was reached: Rupert gave Ailes a new contract, but Fox issued a follow-up press release clarifying that Ailes would report to Rupert as well as Lachlan and James. Since that stinging public rebuke, executives have noticed Rupert around the Fox News hallways. “He’s marking his territory,” one person briefed on the matter told me. “There’s a little bit of a pissing match with Roger. Rupert is basically saying, ‘I know you built this place, but I own it and I’ll remind you of that by coming here.'”

However, he could be marking his territory for an entirely different reason: a show of testosterone to impress his new finance:

Which led to the funniest thing I saw all week:


There’s nothing suspicious in the timing that Neil Cavuto Signs New Deal With Fox News Channel just before the debate. This comes as Satview cuts Fox News channel:

Satview Broadband in Elko [Nevada] says its decision to cut Fox News from its channel offerings was a result of Fox raising rates.

“Fox News raised our rates and asked us to carry programs that nobody watches,” Satview President Tariq Ahmad said in a phone interview Wednesday.

Fox News reportedly told the cable company that in order to continue offering its channel, Satview would also have to carry Fox Business.

“I said no,” Ahmad said. “… I don’t want to play games. Somebody has to stand up for it.”

However, even Fox admits that no one watches FBN as it announced Fox Business Network Will Unbundle Channel Before Debate So More People Can Watch.

SPEAKING OF LAST NIGHT’S GOP DEBATE: Al Jazeera Points Out Fox News’ Climate Change Denial Ahead Of Fox Business’ DebateFox’s Eric Bolling Advises GOP Debaters To Turn Every Debate Question “Into A Hillary Clinton Takedown”Megyn Kelly, Krauthammer Praise Trump for ‘New York Values’ SmackdownThe Fox Business Debate Is A Complete Disaster For The Republican PartyHere Are The Winners And Losers From The Fox Business Republican Debate5 Reasons To Be Glad That You Didn’t Watch The Fox Business Republican Debate

Only 5???

EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN: The Trump/Kelly feud is back on:

Jealous Donald Trump
Attacks Megyn Kelly Again,
Says Nobody Wants To Woo Her

Trump: ‘Who the hell
wants to woo’ Megyn Kelly?

Donald Trump Won’t Stand
For Claims That He Wooed
The ‘So Average’ Megyn Kelly

Yet, almost as if suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome:

Fox News Has Given Donald
Trump Nearly $30 Million In Free
Airtime During The Presidential Campaign

Clearly no Trump strategy.

SPEAKING OF TOTALLY BIASED MEGYN KELLY: Megyn Kelly Hams Up Outrage That Philly Officials Are ‘So Focused On Protecting Islam’ In Wake Of Cop ShootingFox’s Kelly On Muslim Immigration: “Is Germany Over As We Know It? Is Europe?”Megyn Kelly Attacks DNC Chair For Inviting A Muslim Representative From CAIR To State Of The Union AddressMegyn Kelly Yells At DNC Chair Over CAIR Muslims At State Of The UnionMegyn Kelly Grills DNC Chair For Saying Nikki Haley Chosen to Address GOP ‘Diversity Problem’Megyn Kelly Hides Her Racial Animosity Toward Obama During Tavis Smiley Interview

MUSLIMS, BENGHAZI, & XENOPHOBIA: You just know if this was Hillary Clinton, Fox “News” would be hammering this home 24/7. However, Fox News Ignores Evidence To Absolve Cruz Of Wrongdoing In FEC Filing.

Last week FFF demonstrated how Fox “News” is using the movie 13 Hours to resurrect Benghazi BS. It continues as Fox’s Kilmeade Uses Benghazi Movie To Push Debunked “Stand Down Order” Myth.

For the uninitiated here are Four Benghazi “Bombshells” That Turned Out To Be Duds. Watch:

Then there’s always this as Fox Hosts Say Discriminatory Stop And Frisk, Mosque Surveillance Measures “Make Total Sense” And Are “Successful” because that’s ‘Merka for ya.

CREDIT WHERE CREDIT’S DUE: Sure, he’s promoting a new book, but he was telling the truth when Greg Gutfeld On The Daily Show Calls Trump ‘A Classic Rock Band With Four Hits.’ However, the audience turned quickly when Daily Show Crowd Jeers Fox’s Greg Gutfeld For Dissing Rest of World.

Also accidentally telling the truth, Even Fox’s Brian Kilmeade Slammed The NRA Lobbyist Who Skipped Obama’s Town Hall On Gun Violence.

Who else told the truth this week?

Bill O’Reilly: “On The Right,
Many Despise The President”

O’Reilly Confronts GOP’s Portrayal
Of Immigrants: “Poor People
Seeking Better Lives Are Not Villains”

O’Reilly: GOP Should Stand Firm
on Immigration But Stop the ‘Hating’

And then The Falafel King spoils it by remarks like this:

Bill O’Reilly: “The Fact Is That
Most Of The Terror Violence In the
World Comes Out Of Muslim Precincts”

However, for sheer Loofah Lad Laughs, get a load of this:

Bill O’Reilly promises to ‘flee’ to Ireland
if Bernie Sanders becomes president

Bill O’Reilly Vows, ‘I’m Fleeing’
To Ireland If Bernie Sanders Elected

As NewsHounds writes:

This is at least the fourth time we have caught O’Reilly threatening to stomp off with his money rather than pay more taxes. In 2011, he threatened to retire if his income taxes went over 50% and to stop investing “at the level I am now” if his capital gains taxes went over 20%. In 2012, he made a similar threat and said he’d move his money out of the country rather than pay higher taxes. That same month, he had also threatened to stop “aggressively putting any money in the market.”

After pledging to leave the country rather than live under a Sanders presidency, O’Reilly had the nerve to complain that Sanders won’t come on The O’Reilly Factor any more. “We made him who he is today,” O’Reilly said.

America could say the same thing to O’Reilly.

Oh, snappity, snap snap.

However, the best reaction was a reaction to the Factor blowhard and others as Irish People Watch The Worst of Fox News:

Now, that’s comedy!!!

WARMONGERS’ CORNER: Or, hoping to ignite World War Last:

‘Patriotic’ Hannity Too Upset Obama Didn’t Threaten To ‘Bomb The Living Crap’ Out Of Iran To Be Glad U.S. Sailors Released UnharmedFox Anchor Asks Why Gitmo Detainees Weren’t Just Executed Once In CustodyWhat Kind of Wimps Does Fox and Friends Think Our Sailors Are?Fox Analyst: Navy Sailor Who Apologized to Iran Should Be Court-MartialedFox News National Security Amateurs Have A Hissy Fit Over Safe Release Of American Sailors From IranWhat Kind of Pussies Does Fox and Friends Think Our Sailors Are?Hannity: Obama Should Have Threatened To “Bomb The Living Crap” Out Of Iran To Secure Sailors’ Release

‘Merkin ‘Ceptionalism!


Andrea Tantaros and Geraldo Rivera
Tear Into Each Other About
German Refugee Crisis

Geraldo and Tantaros get into
shouting match when she accuses
refugees of being dangerous

Geraldo Defends Sean Penn:
He Was ‘Risking a Lot’
for El Chapo Interview

As empty as Geraldo’s head.

FOX BYTES: Fox’s Eric Bolling Calls Sesame Street A “Left-Wing Communist Diatribe”Fox’s Varney Pretends Strongest Jobs Report Of 2015 Is Merely “Modest”Fox’s Heather Nauert Dishonestly Upbeat About Dismantling Of Kentucky Health Insurance ExchangeFox Faux Liberal Admits She Hates Hillary ClintonOn Fox & Friends: Women’s Issues Interview Just More GOP Partisan PoliticsFox’s Stuart Varney: Cecile Richards Is A “Villain” And It’s “Villainous” To Fund Planned ParenthoodFox’s Wallace Falsely Claims Obama’s Executive Actions On Gun Violence Violate The Constitution • Fox Host Falsely Claims Obama’s Executive Actions On Gun Violence Threaten The Second AmendmentFox News Guest Tells Viewers: Buy All The Lottery Tickets You Can Afford • On Fox The Blaze’s Dana Loesch Calls Gender Pay Inequality “An Absolute Myth”

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