Apocalyptic Sarah Palin the Wrathful Prophetess of God

Apocalyptic Sarah, Wrathful prophetess of God

Sarah Palin figures since God didn’t get it done for American in 2008, she’ll have to do it herself. She has the same apocalyptic vision possessed by the Jewish Zealots in 70 C.E.  That didn’t turn out so well, of course, but maybe she thinks she knows something God doesn’t. She may not plan to go down in a blaze of fiery glory like they did but one gets the idea she wouldn’t mind much either. Think of the publicity and the joys of martyrdom as God remakes the world in her image.

Oh the odes that have yet to be written!

It’s hard to say what she’s thinking of course; we can only observe that her God-interpreting track record isn’t any better than her term-of-governor-finishing track record. She’s 0-1 on both counts.

It’s amusing that the party that drove the car into the ditch thinks they should be given the keys for another round. As a public service you have got to practice tough love and keep the keys. America has to show the Republicans some tough love; for their good as well as ours.

But here is the Mama Grizzly’s take on what needs to be done:

“These two elections, 2010 and 2012, go hand-in-hand. The theme of 2010 has got to be rebuke their errors, reject, repeal; and then the theme of 2012, it’s renew, revive and restore.”

How following the same policies that got the car into the ditch in the first place are going to get the car OUT of the ditch is a mystery known only to Sarah and her Grizzly Cubs.

With true comedic ability, Sarah thinks the Republicans, who demolished the Constitution during the eight-year Bush administration, are the ones to restore it. It’s amzing how the sins of Bush have become in Republican propaganda the sins of Obama. He’s to blame in their minds for everything Bush did; heck, even 9/11 happened on his watch, and Afghanistan, which Bush invaded, is “Obama’s War.”

So what does Mama Grizzly say?

Republicans should pledge to “renew our optimistic, pioneering spirit, revive our free market system and restore constitutional limits and our standing in the world, as that abiding beacon of freedom,” and added that the message should be “not transformation but restoration with a ‘Great Awakening’ that we already feel emerging across America.”

Yikes, because nothing says freedom like torture, rendition and Gitmo. Is that the kind of Great Awakening you want, Sarah? Can we at least ask that there be books in this great awakening? And that you read more of them than you can fit on the palm of your hand?

Let’s look at where the “free market system got us.” Yeah, you’re living it. The recession of ’08, worst economic crisis since the Great Crash of ’29, and the world is still reeling. Sarah doesn’t read much so maybe she missed it.

And it’s not certain what freedoms she’s hawking. The Republicans don’t believe in many of them beyond gun ownership. They want to ban darn near everything else. They want to roll back the Constitution to…well, we’re not sure. They say the amendments are bad and need to go but gosh darn it, the Founding Fathers put amendments into the Constitution…

It’s a tough one. I’m sure Sarah will figure it out.

It’s a bit much to expect a Republican candidate to show any awareness of history that he didn’t invent himself but Sarah, I have to tell you, girl, the Great Awakening happened AFTER the American revolution. It wasn’t a religious revolution, but a secular revolution.

HINT: Let Hrafnkell break it down for ya: That’s why the Constitution is secular. That’s why the First Amendment exists. That’s why there is no mention of God, Jesus, the Ten Commandments or the Bible in the Constitution. Get it?

But of course, facts have never stood in the way of Republican rhetoric so there is no reason we should expect it to now. The Mama Grizzly wants to spew and she can’t be bothered to fact check first; and how many facts can you fit on the palm of your hand anyway?

No, what Sarah is selling America doesn’t want. The lower 48 don’t want it and neither, anymore, do Alaskans. She left them high and dry after all, and she’ll leave the rest of us high and dry too. The Mama Grizzly wants fur, kids, as much as you can be made to pay for. Like Bush, whom she wants to emulate, Sarah wants to plunder America and Americans to enrich herself. And that’s just what she’s gonna do if you let her.

16 Replies to “Apocalyptic Sarah Palin the Wrathful Prophetess of God”

  1. I am in a quandary here, because I have to wonder if Sarah Palen is stupid enough to believe the stuff she says, where she is just saying them to promote the GOP which would make sense. The fact of the matter is no matter what she says there is absolutely no content behind it. She is just like the pledge to America, nothing more than one-liners without content.
    As we have agreed before that putting the Bible and the Constitution constitutes sharia law in its own form. But then again you have to wonder how they would justify the Second Amendment staying in the Constitution as the Bible says to not kill yet America kills more people with guns than any other nation. To solve that problem you can only take away the guns if you are a Christian. But then again a Christian whose only concern for the Constitution is keeping his gun isn’t a Christian.
    Sorry, got off track. As I have said many times the actions of the Republican Congress in the last two years disqualifies them from anything within an R in the word. Renew restore and revive are not words that a Republican would use to get this country back into the fifth century the way Sarah would like it

  2. There is no confusion in my mind as to what Sarah wants. Sarah wants money. She doesn’t care how she gets it, or who gets hurt or killed, as long as Sarah can make money when it happens. It’s all she has ever wanted. Even when she was Governor, it was about the money not the State, it’s problems or issues, or the citizens of Alaska. It was HOW does she funnel money to herself and launder money to her friends.
    I am happy for her to martyr herself – I just want to WATCH when it happens.
    In her own nasty little way, she IS Hitler reincarnated. She reeks evil. It isn’t God who is speaking to her….it’s her almighty Dollar.
    She claims to support Israel – but she also states unless the Jews convert, they will all go to Hell. She is a Dominionist – she is not a Christian. She is very dangerous to human life.
    On the flip side … she is mentally ill. She’s getting screechier, louder and more unhinged. She is forgetting what she says half the time. She doesn’t remember where her disabled “son” Trig was born. It’s like watching a slow train wreck.
    I believe she will try to run in 2012 – her ego will demand it. But she will never win unless the Supreme Court has decided to steal another election. The Republicans will squash her like the filthy bug that she is.

  3. Another funny ‘Palin-is-the-living-she-devil’ thread!

    When are you going to do one on Beck?? It’s been almost a day since one on him.

    You liberal’s heads explode whenever their names are mentioned. Haw!

  4. smarg is clearly a fox plant! we really don’t care what you feel about palin. you can have her. she’s yours. hohum .you couldn’t justify her if you tried to anyone with an ounce of common sense and education. something the woman knows nothing about. a real money hungry lying moronic loser that woman! thats all she is really. okay..I give you pretty– until she speaks. then it gets ugly! she shrieks ..schills. I tell ya..the woman does coke. No one tweaks like that unless they’re on coke! she makes some godawful scary looking faces.. like cokeheads do. I don’t get what part of that men find so ….intelligently sexy? no offense palin..just saying. lighten up on the C

  5. Smarg, I would like to know:

    How empty and pathetic is your life, that you feel the need to post racist, sexist, xenophobic, and homophobic drivel at every turn? Are you such a small person that you can only find self-esteem through spewing hatred toward those who are not straight, white, Christian, and Anglophone?

    Enquiring minds want to know.

  6. smarg is a raving homophobe who is afraid to come out of his own closet.

    He actually BELIEVES that Palin “cares” about him personally. All the RWNJs believe in her which kind of trashes the whole “thou shalt not worship idols” bible thumping thingy.

    Then again, since smarg is obviously gay, he is guilty of an abomination and will die and go to hell anyway. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  7. thank you AcidQueen for confirming my suspicions. I suspect he is a loser like palin too. There is no hope for people like smarg. and the name fits so well. You insist on staying dumbed down to appease the bigger idiot! Have at my friend and Good luck to you in the REAL WORLD.

  8. I don’t understand why someone who clearly does not agree with any issue that this blog may write about, comes here to spew the exact kind of hatred that this site exposes. I don’t go to drudge or newsmax or fox and preach my liberal stance. I guess you guys nailed it, smarg has no life other than to try and make others as miserable as he/she is.

    Sarah Palin is the epitome of greed and hate and those that come to her defense are wallowing in hate and intolerance. I’m gonna choose love over hate, I’m kinda liberal that way.

  9. “just a goddamned piece of paper.”
    George W. Bush.

    G. W. did not believe in the Constitution. So how far back are we going to have to take this country. Repubs didn’t care about the constitution for 8 long years
    And why didn’t palin mention this oh so important constitution when she was running for VP?
    Could it be that it only became important since a Democrat was in the WH?

  10. I say let Palin keep talking, and keep giving her enough rope to hang herself. She is by far her own worst enemy. All she cares about is lining her own pockets, and she is just vain enough to think she could be president although she has shown no political growth since 2008. But she has become louder and bolder in vocalizing her hate and ignorance. As always, she comes up with these weird talking points that have no basis in reality, such as calling the president anti-free market. Which makes her the perfect personification of those in the Party of No who dwell in an alternate universe.

  11. I was wondering that too, because liberals don’t by nature try to invade conservative space, yet conservatives are prone to imposing upon others their beliefs. Like street preachers of doom – and just as crazy.

  12. You said you donated to her or was it Sharron? I’m mystified. Why? Can you give me three reasons that are based on things they did as leaders (not on things they say they did)?

  13. Smarg doesn’t have reasons, DC, he thinks/acts from his gut…like all good republicans.

    Actually, I think Smarg is just a contrarian…he gets his kicks from thinking he’s an original thinker.

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